Glossary [Trial version]

Hurtado Albir, Amparo & Rodríguez-Inés, Patricia. “5. Glossary”. In Hurtado Albir, Amparo & Rodríguez-Inés, Patricia (2023) Third NACT Proposal [LINK DDD].

This glossary is part of the Third NACT Proposal, which is a revised version of the Second NACT Proposal elaborated within the Erasmus + project EFFORT. The glossary has 38 entries organized into 7 sections. Seventy-nine concepts related to the description of level scales in translation from the Third NACT Proposal are defined. The entries in each section are ordered not alphabetically but according to their involvement and hierarchy in the definitions of concepts.


Concepts related to establishing text levels

  • Text types
    • Narrative text
    • Descriptive text
    • Conceptual text
    • Argumentative text
    • Instructional text
  • Text genres
  • Difficulty of texts
    • Extralinguistic difficulties
    • Linguistic and textual difficulties
    • Format-related difficulties
  • Degree of specialization of texts
    • Specialized texts
    • Semi-specialized texts
    • Non-specialized texts
  • Texts expected to be translated at each level
    • Texts corresponding to translation level C
    • Texts corresponding to translation level B2
    • Texts corresponding to translation level B1
    • Texts corresponding to translation level A2
    • Texts corresponding to translation level A1

Concepts related to language competence

  • Language competence
  • Language interference
  • Standard language
  • Language register
    • Field
    • Mode
    • Tenor

Concepts related to extralinguistic competence

  • Extralinguistic competence
  • World knowledge
  • Cultural knowledge
  • Knowledge of specialized areas

Concepts related to instrumental competence

  • Instrumental competence
  • Documentation resource
    • Appropriate documentation resource
    • Reliable documentation resource
    • General documentation resource
    • Specialized documentation resource
  • Query
  • Technological resource
  • Functions of a technological resource

Concepts related to service provision competence

  • Service provision competence
  • Sources of work
  • Working arrangements
  • Tasks liable to be performed
    • Tasks related to mediation between languages
    • Workflow-related administrative tasks Basic tax requirements
  • Ethical requirements

Concepts related to methodological amd strategic competence

  • Methodological and strategic competence
  • Translation problems
  • Linguistic translation problems
  • Textual translation problems
    • Text structure
    • Thematic progression
    • Text cohesion
    • Style
  • Extralinguistic translation problems
    • Cultural problems
    • World knowledge problems
    • Thematic problems in specialized areas
  • Intentionality problems
    • Intertextuality
    • Speech act
    • Presuppositions
    • Implicatures
  • Translation problems stemming from briefs
  • Translation strategies
    • Cognitive translation strategies